Teacher Resources to follow

Educational Resources that help us build our PLN:

This list is of resources (websites, organizations, blogs) that can help us expand our PLN. If you find one that fits your needs you can
go ahead and add this site to your diigo bookmarks. You also might see that they have a presence on twitter and you may choose to follow them.
Feel free to add resources, either websites or blogs that you find to the list below.


Brief Description

BBC Learning
This site has many resources covering K-college. They have a newsletter you can subscribe to, no rss that I could find but definitely worth checking out for specific lesson plan or subject ideas.
Cybrary Man's Educational Websites
This is a great resource for educators created by Cybraryman, who searches the web and finds great resources so you don't have to. Check it out and make sure you bookmark the page.
Educational Networking
This is a great wiki that has a list of educational networks online. It is organized by type of network, then by content. Great resource!
Education World
Great site for lesson plans, technology integration, professional development and current educational topics.
Great resource to add to your bookmarks or create a 'google created' feed that will send you recent updates.
Great links, videos and other resources for teachers.
What works in public education. This is a great site created by the George Lucas Educational Foundation.
Current educational news, great blog posts, and 'food for thought'.
Inspiring Teachers
Great resource for teachers. Has a great teacher toolbox for beginning, student, mentor, veteran teachers and administrators.
Bookmark or have Google create a feed. They have a newsletter you can subscribe to that comes to your email.
For their blog go to: Inspiring Teachers Blog To subscribe click on the 'subscribe to posts' all the way at the bottom of the page, then copy that 'feed url' for Google Reader.
ipl2 Educational Resources
Internet Public Library, sponsored by the University of Michigan. This resource has 330 resources for teachers, including sites for searching current research in the field, articles in the field, ERIC documents, and specific educational topics. A plethora of resources. There isn't an rss feed, so bookmark this site and come back to it when you are in need of searching for educational information.
Partnership for 21st Century Skills
The Partnership for 21st Century Skills is a national organization that advocates for 21st century readiness for every student. P21 and its members provide tools and resources to help the U.S. education system keep up by fusing the three Rs and four Cs (critical thinking and problem solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity and innovation).
SEN Teacher
This is a great site that has resources for teaching special needs students. The links page has great resources on various classifications, as well as other resources. The printables page can be used for all students and has great generator functionality where you can generate the sheet how you want it to be and then print.
This site is sponsored by the International Reading Association and the National Council of Teachers of English. It has lesson plans, printouts, calendar event resources, student interactives, as well as parent and afterschool resources. They have an RSS feed, so you can keep up on the additions to this great site.
Teaching Channel
Great site with videos demonstrating teaching strategies.
This site doesn't have a feed, but you can create a free membership and within this site they keep track of your favorite topics.
May be a resource you want to add to your diigo bookmarks.
Teacher Leaders Network
TLN has good resources about quality teaching and featured blogs by teachers for teachers. If you like the site, bookmark it. The blogs have rss feeds if you want to subscribe to them.
Teacher Magazine
News and information for teacher leaders from edweek.org. If you click on the 'receive rss' you will be given choices of what to subscribe to.
Teachers Network
A non-profit organization for teachers, by teachers. Provides a network for teachers where you can find lesson plans, videos, online courses and more. Has an rss feed.
teacher chatrooms, project resources, lesson plans, can focus on specific teacher/professional groups, or follow current educational topics.
Great resource for K-12 teachers. (has rss feed, can follow on facebook, twitter)
I like the feature on the right side where you can set your network by choosing the grade level, content, and state you teach in.
Tech & Learning
Best practices, blog posts on technology integration tools, and ways to improve learning through the use of technology.
TES Connect
Great teacher community with resources, lesson plans, groups for different leveled teachers and subjects. Nicely organized.

Here are some blogs to check out, also remember to check out others you follow on twitter and see if they have links. Often that is the best way
to find great educational blogs. Please feel free to add blogs you find below.

Educational Blog

Brief Description

100 Best Blogs for Teachers of the future
Great list of blogs to check out.
Cool Cat Teacher Blog
Vicki Davis' blog provides great food for thought, suggestions for using technology in the classroom, and links to her Flat Classroom, Horizon, and Digiteen Projects.
Cybrary Man's Educational Blogs
Great resource of blogs written for and by educators. Also has links to list of top educational blogs.
Check them out and if you see one you might want to subscribe to, click on their rss feed button.
The Edublogger
Sue Waters provides tips for using Edublogs, blogs, and blogging for teachers and students.
Edublogs Blog Directory
Edublogs has a great educational blog directory that you can check out here.
Free Technology for Teachers
Richard Byrne, a Google certified teacher, briefly describes free online tools and their value in the classroom. He also shares links to presentations, tutorials, and projects he has developed for use in his classroom.
Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the day
Larry has great resources on just about any topic you can imagine or ever need. Check out his 'The Best Collections of Educational Links' as well.
Technology Chatter
This is my blog (djainslie), and like most blogs I have a 'blogroll' on the right sidebar. This is a list of blogs that I follow. To check them out click on one and see if you like it. If so, subscribe to their feed.
Top 100 technology blogs for teachers
Great list of the top 100 tech blogs, including information about each.