Our 'Go To' Apps for great learning projects

After researching and collaborating with educators around the world, we've created a list of apps that are 'must haves' for learning. In the description you will see a K-5, K-12 or 6-12 which designates the ipads we had them loaded on within our district. They are organized based on learning purpose or goal. As we see needs and apps are
added to the ipads they will be updated here as well.
The apps below are for creating ebooks, screencasts (ie tutorials or how-tos), digital stories. They include the apps to actually create and publish, as well as apps to organize ideas for your pre-write organization.
See also other pages that have:
Resource Apps (apps for reading ebooks and researching)
Misc Creativity Apps (Art, Music, game creation...)
Utility Tool Apps (That just make the learning go smoother... dropbox, evernote, skitch, class dojo, timetimer...)
Content Apps (for intervention skills and practice)

Apps for Creating (Stories, videos, documentaries, postcards, presentations, how-to videos and MUCH more)



Learning Ideas

Student Workflow

Sock Puppets
sock puppets.GIF
Digital Storytelling
Creating Stories

Getting Started:

  • Tell stories
saves on ipad
Digital Storytelling
Creating Cartoons
Toontastic Tutorial

saves on ipad - reopen app to share with others
Puppet Pals HD
puppet pals.GIF
Digital Storytelling
Creating Stories
Puppet Pals HD Tutorial Introduction

There is a free version that we loaded at first, then added the paid version.
  • Write, animate and publish stories
  • Retell or summarize stories they have read
  • Share what they learned by telling a story around information they have read

Digital Storytelling

  • Write and publish video stories
  • Create 'all about me' biography videos
  • Create 'My family' or 'My community' videos


Digital Storytelling

  • Write and publish video stories
  • Create 'all about me' biography videos
  • Create 'My family' or 'My community' videos
  • Students can only record for 60 seconds.
Brainstorming, webbing app
Create and organize ideas

  • Create web for story writing
  • Organize writing
  • Show steps in a process

graphic organizer
Webbing, brainstorming ideas

The lite version is limiting, so we purchased the full version.

  • Pre-writing planning, creating web of ideas
  • Create flowcharts of concepts and/or processes
  • Compare and contrast characters, different text, concepts etc
  • Show cause and effect

Sticky notes app

  • Brainstorming ideas

Turbo collage lite
Image editing/creating

  • Create collages to celebrate events
  • Create geometric collages (students take pictures of shapes in their environment and make collages showing them all)
  1. Take pictures
  2. Insert into app
  3. Create collage
  4. Take screen shot to insert into Camera Roll
  5. OR
Create Postcards from pictures
*Need to create class account for postino

  • Create postcards of their community places
  1. Take pictures
  2. Create postcard
  3. Email postcard
Explain Everything
explain everything.GIF
Screen capturing app
More about Explain Everything
Explain Everything Tutorial

  • Create tutorials/ How-to videos to explain how to do a math problem, clarify a difficult word, how a Science concept works, or yes 'everything'
  • Could be used for brainstorming story ideas as students record voice while drawing pictures.
  • Also great for primary students to solve math module application problems with a partner and then play recording to explain math reasoning.
  1. Record
  2. Publish to Camera Roll
  3. If too long, file cannot be e-mailed but can be saved to camera roll.
Screen capturing app
*Need to create class account, can add students to course and give them course code.
How to use Educreations Video


  1. Create project
  2. email final
  3. OR upload to teachers course within educreation site
  4. OR get link and post within Schoology (or other CMS)
ibook 'bookshelf' for ipad
Stores ibooks

Bookshelf for displaying and reading ibooks created and/or purchased.
Books purchased or created through Book Creator are published on this bookshelf.
Scribble press
Creating storybooks
*Need to create a group account
Students can have their own account (no emails required since they are created through teacher group account)
Scribble Press Teacher information

Has stamps, stickers and a great marker wall. Can bring in photos as well.

Have packs of stickers, but need to be bought through iTunes store. Since our ipads are set up with locked iTunes account and apps purchased through volume purchasing these packs can't be added.

  • Create stories
  • Publish stories
  • Has gallery where you can also draw a picture
  1. Create story
  2. Publishes to be read in *ibook (becomes epub)
  3. Uploaded to Scribble press group or gallery
  4. Can open Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive...
  5. OR email a link (from the link you can view in browser, download as epub or pdf
*Note ibook publishing may change some formatting of your book. I found text moved to bottom and lost formatting for epub and pdf. viewed best directly in app.
Little Storymaker
little storymaker.GIF
Creating storybooks
Can edit audio after recording
Use Little Storymaker to create custom books
Little Storymaker App Tutorial

Has good features for the younger student, and read back.
  • Create social stories
  • Publish student stories in digital format for others to read and enjoy
  1. Create story
  2. Publishes within app
Book Creator
book creator.GIF
Writing ibooks
Book Creator Tutorial

  • Write picture books
  • Write nonfiction books about concepts you learned about
  1. Create ibook
  2. Publishes to be read in ibook
  3. OR email
  4. OR dropbox
  5. OR export as pdf
pdf reader for ipad
Can also edit pdfs on ipad
Use GoodReader on the ipad to go paperless tutorial

  • Read and edit pdfs
  • Open up math modules, edit and export it out
  • Create annotated documents
  • Model using reading strategies while marking up text
  • Model answering short answer questions
  • Lots of space to save large files (like math modules)
  1. Open documents to read and edit
  2. export out to dropbox
Story Dice
Storytelling idea generator
Story Dice Tutorial

  • Have students do oral storytelling in group
  • Use to help students with writing prompts for journal writing
  • Great for ELLs to support language use
  • 5 Minute Stories-- set it for five dice and write five sentence stories using the ideas

Dragon Dictation
dragon dictation.GIF
Voice Recognition

  • Get ideas down by having students dictate into ipad
  • Brainstorm ideas verbally