​2016 Review:

We determined EduTyping will be our program for the middle school. This will be incorporated into students' 6th grade Infotech class.

Time to evaluate keyboarding programs again for grades 2-5! Last time was in 2010 (see below for our recommendations). This time we are looking specifically for an online program. We will be evaluating the following:



COPPA compliant and user agreements

Student statistics

Reports generated


adjustable rates of difficulty

text to speech ability

Student appeal

Ease of use student and teacher

Setting to move on

Typing Club
Free and Pro version

My class loved typing club..to the point they were asking to stay in from recess to type.
Super easy for students to use this. There weren't any issues while they were working on lessons.

Typing Agent
Free trial can be requested

Yes - quite detailed and readable
K-2, 3-12
Teachers can adjust lesson assigned, amount of time to spend, and targets

K-2 seems better for 2nd, tricky for K-1
3-5 seems appropriate

K-2 a bit hokey, 3-12 has a neat theme, students can compose "emails" to classmates through

Keyboarding without Tears
Contact company for free trial
5.08/per student per year

Yes, reports generated
Specific grades will be assigned to student grade. Developmentally appropriate but can be assigned differently based on student needs.
Teachers can also put in STOP in area if they don't want students progressing past certain area.

Typing Quest

Typing Pal

can use google signin

Interesting article:
Teaching Keyboarding: more than just typing


2010 Review:

Our district compared the following keyboarding programs in Spring 2010 to determine which program we would upgrade to.

Our process:
  • Determined keyboarding curriculum for K-6
  • Formed a sub-committee for evaluation of existing keyboarding software and need to pilot new
  • Sub-committee evaluated current and determined they were not fulfilling our needs (Ultra Key for Elementary)
  • Determined criteria for evaluation of new software (see below along the top) and rated them on level of importance
  • Investigated available software and set up pilots for K-5 (Typing Instructor Platinum for kids and Type to Learn 4) and 6th grade (Typing Ace)
  • Piloted programs and filled in matrix below
  • After the pilots the committee met and made recommendation based on information below.
Article used to start investigating keyboarding programs: Top Ten ReviewsTop Ten Reviews for Keyboarding software

Recommendation: Keyboarding program to be used mainly with 3-5 grade students will be Type to Learn 4. Sixth grade is still exploring and may look at additional web-access programs but might be interested in starting with Type to Learn as well next year since it has a web-access component and their students would not have used it prior to their 6th grade year (since there was a gap in keyboarding for the past year due to program issues). This will be updated as we continue to go through the process.


Student Statistics Recorded?
Reports Generated? ====class report====

ind reports

Online/ Software or both
adjustable rates of difficulty
text to speech ability
Ease of use
and teacher
settingsto move on (can't move on until finished with requirements)
req can be adjusted
extended practice

Typing Instructor Deluxe
Typing Instructor Platinum for Kids (K-4)
for both Typing Instructor Platinum for kids and Typing Instructor Deluxe
key/finger and hand reports
can track
management center for reports
ind reports
3 diff reports
reports hard to print and not reader friendly
Required teacher to change compatibility in their settings inorder to access teacher management
glitchy: didn't seem to run well on network
(? for younger)

Very Hard for kindergartners and 1st graders. (VR)
gaming on/off
students were practicing all of the same skills as in Ultra Key

The students liked the games, they were challenging. (VR)
WPM could not be adjusted lower than 5 wpm, which was not good for the younger students. (VR)
No pre-assessment
There was voice, the sound could be turned off.(VR)
traveler- with passport
students enjoyed the theme and the gaming aspect

4th graders @ TH found it babyish. Though all enjoyed better than Ultra Key. (VR)
4th grade students who used both this and Type to Learn 4, liked Type to Learn more
students navigated the program well with little direction
Teacher would have to change settings of network everytime they went in- due to compatibility issues (on xp)
This does not make it teacher friendly
customize lessons (can't move on until pass levels)
can add custom passages

Type to Learn 4(Sunburst)
Has Type to Learn Jr. as well
$799 per building- discount for multiple building purchase:
$699.95 per building

$3,499.75 total
adding web-access component is more money but can be added at anytime- about $200 to each building
Printing the reports is complicated first it must be saved and then retrieved from the Sunburst folder in Z drive and then printed. (VR)

Reports are detailed (VR)
class or ind results
reports on lesson wpm and accuracy
Reports can be viewed and saved per indivdual student or by class. (VR)
Very detailed reports in various formats
From what I can tell students are able to access it at home if they are given a number to register with. There is a users guide including a rubric online. (CW)
Online component available. students can download at home and results are saved on Sunburst server then can beuploaded to school(there is an extra cost for this, but can be upgraded at anytime after purchase)

K-2 (jr))

Was only tested on Third Grade at Tioga Hills. (VR)
Worked great for piloted group 3rd and 4th graders.
Can set design level and vocabulary level
has remediation
can set for different levels- breaks set

Great differentiation on settings, vocabulary and design. Pre- assessment is key and sets students at their level, including accuracy and wpm (but as needed teachers can go in and manually change these 'passing' rates.
WPM can be changed to meet the students developmental needs. Program seems to set itself after the pre-test. (VR)
Has accessiblity settings for students that include language (english and spanish), font size and settings for visually impaired students. Also has a play audio setting that does some text to speech
'agent of information'
looks appealing
Games reinforce skills in a fun and age appropriate way.
The 4th graders who piloted both this program and above liked this program much better. More up-todate graphics and design. Only question would be it would be nice to have three different design levels instead of K-2 adn 3-12, maybe a breakdown like the vocabulary which has three levels.
Very user friendly can set up classes and add students easily. Guides students through Teacher management very user friendly
final challenge (to move on)
but teacher can choose to move on
Teacher sets all components, can set games that are available by lesson as well as reset of pre- assessment and when students can go on
Can customize lessons to make unique lessons with any passage you choose

Typing Ace
(middle school)

Speed, accuracy, time spent on lessons, lessons completed, problem keys
Class reports are limited; Individual reports difficult to generate
100% web-based; Can be set so it only works from certain IP addresses
Not good for lower grades; appropriate for middle school
custom lessons based on needs

Very little instruction - good for reinforcing previously learned skills
No - students take a typing test and then can work on the appropriate section.

Most said better than ultrakey; complaint - lessons are too long - not enough immediate reinforcement; liked games
Some students wanted more guidance; fairly easy for both teacher and student use
No - students can do lessons in any order
Many choices for this

Additional Comments:
Typing Instructor Platinum:
  • Since there isn't a pre-assessment all students start at one location.
  • Current available program is not compatible with xp and our current network. Not user friendly with network

Type to Learn 4:
  • Very user-friendly and easy for teachers to use their management system. Students seem to enjoy and since there is a pre-assessment students start at their level.
  • Very easy to install and compatible with our network

Typing Ace:
  • Some thoughts we would like to see them adjust: student detailed records accessed by selecting more than one student at a time