Grades 6-8 Math Common Core Resources:

Feel free to add your resources as well, just make sure you add a description as to why you think it is a good resource.



Grade 6 modules
Grade 7 modules
Grade 8 modules
NYS math modules for 6-8

North Carolina CCS unpacked.
This should be the most recent version, but you can also check at the NC Resource page

Grades 6-8 Model Curriculum Documents: From the Department of Education in Ohio, these curriculum documents give instructional strategies, resources/tools, possible common misconceptions, ideas in teaching diverse learners, and connections. GREAT Resource!

Curriculum Module: Addition and Subtraction of Rational Numbers (Grade 7)

Newly released grade 6-8 lessons and professional development materials
These are the teacher resources with lessons, but there are more materials at the link above.