Although our main focus with our learning centers is for creation activities, there are times when content apps are needed for either intervention work or a focus on applying specific skills and knowledge within content. Here are the ones we are including on our K-5 ipads:

ELA Math




Learning Focus

1000 Sight Words HD
Sight words
  • Practice sight words
Bee Bot
Programming app
  • Work on cardinal directions
  • Supports our Bee Bots!
Scratch Jr

Pencil Pal First Grade
pencil pal gr 1.GIF
All subjects
  • Games, dot-to-dot, art studio, movie theatre, jokes and riddles
ABC Blast
ABC blast.GIF
PreK- grade 1
  • Spelling, letter recognition
Teach me 2nd grade
teachme 2.GIF

  • Math, spelling, sight words
Teach me 1st grade
teach me 1.GIF

  • Math, spelling, sight words
Teach me kindergarten
teach me K.GIF

  • Math, spelling, sight words, number and letter writing
Fun with Directions
fun with directions.GIF

  • Listening, following directions




Learning Focus

Number Rack
number rack.GIF
Rekenrek app
  • Reinforce counting, base ten, addition and subtraction
Thinking Blocks Addition
thinking blocks addition.GIF
Thinking Blocks Multiplication
thinking blocks mult.GIF
Problem solving models
  • Tape Diagram models shown to reinforce problem solving strategies
  • Students are walked through creating models, then using them to solve problems.
  • Multiple levels of difficulty
Number Bonds
Addition and Subtraction
numberbonds addition.GIF
Multiplication and Division
numberbonds mult.GIF
Number Bond app
Game based
  • Reinforce fact families
Geoboard app
by Math Learning Center
  • Explore perimeter, area, angles, congreuance, fractions
iCamera Protractor
icamera protractor.GIF
Protractor app
  • Use the camera feature to find angle measures of everyday objects
  • Challenging to move hands and hold ipad at the same time - partner activity
  • also works as a regular protractor for exploration
Number pieces Basic
number pieces basic.GIF
Number pieces
number pieces.GIF
by Math Learning Center
  • Manipulatives to work on place value
  • Basic starts with ones, tens and simple addition/subtraction
  • Can also draw on page
  • "Number pieces" has a ruler to use when lining up pieces, but in basic, it's not necessary, you simply draw a circle around pieces you want to select
  • Definitely plan on 15 minutes to orient students to this app before first use
  • Students can model and solve number sentences and take a screen shot to save their work
MyScript Calculator
myscript calculator.GIF
  • write a problem in your handwriting and the answer appears
Touch N Slide Calculator
touch n slide calculator.GIF
  • Model part whole relationships by moving bars to show different combinations
Visual Math 2
visual math 2.GIF
Math app
game based
6-9 year old
Freefall Money
freefall money.GIF
Money app
Game based
  • Practice counting money, making change
  • Cannot write as you work, so students will need to be somewhat fluent
Splash Math K
splash math K.GIF
Math app
Game based
  • Practice math concepts, K level
  • Problems read aloud
Splash Math Grade 1
splash math 1.GIF
Math app
Game based
  • Practice math concepts, grade 1
  • Problems read aloud
Splash Math Grade 2
Splash math 2.GIF
Math app
Game based
  • Practice math concepts, grade 2
  • Problems read aloud
  • One player at a time?


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Coin Toss

Snap Guide

Snapguide is a simple way to share and view step-by-step how to guides. Students can show skill progression or demonstrate the rules of a game by creating their own guides
Coach's Eye

Team shake

Nutrition Tips

Choice Board Creator

Customize your own collection of picture
choices for students; add sound effects.