CMS Compared

We are currently looking for replacements for Blackboard. This comparison will serve to help us find one that fits our needs. Some of these are advertised as a CMS (Course Management System), LMS (Learning Management System), or VLE (Virtual Learning Environment).

Name of CMS/LMS

and link




ease of enrollment


I really like this platform!
free, web access
has addons that you can pay for including support, PD and full district branding
Very intuitive and easy to use
Has a 'look' similar to facebook so students will find it easy to use
cross between LMS and social network
  • updates (can also be set as announcements)
  • assignments
  • assessments
  • gradebook
  • blog (with rss)
  • calendar
  • document storage (20mb/each)
  • groups (discussions, documents, calendar)
  • networks
  • privacy settings for district and individual courses
  • word filtering
  • inbox within profiles allow you to send messages to groups, or individuals
  • email notifications can be set
Teachers can give students access code to enter
to enroll in course, or can add each individually
Uses either username or email (doesn't require students to have email)
free, webaccess
Has premium
features that costs
Silver gives
unlimited accounts
Cost min. and
by users (less
then $1/student
Easy to use
  • Can add content, folders, items (text,html), videos, urls, files
syllabus announcements (has rss)
  • lessons (content + video, audio, documents, webpages)
  • calendar
  • collaboration: forums, blogs, chat, wikis, groups
  • assessment: assignments, proficiencies, gradebook, grademap,
attendance, notes
  • assignments can include survey, quiz- ?s include m/c, m/a, t/f, fill in
the blank, freeform, matching, arithmetric
  • lockers (for storing files)
  • portfolio
  • 28 languages to choose from
*Coming soon: import from moodle and Blackboard
Can import accounts (students/
teachers) by csv file
OR can invite to enroll
open source
needs to be hosted

  • assignments
  • chats (synchronous discussion)
  • choices (questioning)
  • databases (images, websites...)
  • forum (asynchronous discussions)
  • glossaries(FAQs or dictionary like)
  • lessons (online content, questions that move students on)
  • quizzes
  • resources (url,documents, mp3,images)
  • SCORM (creating units of online training material that can be shared across systems)
  • surveys
  • wikis
  • workshops (peer assessment)

open source learning space

Great web showing features:

Free Version +
Education Ver - Cost
Pro Ver - Cost

  • Add content
  • Assessment Tool: mc, ma, match,fib,essay, hotspot
  • Agenda Tool
  • Announcements
  • Forums
  • Groups Tool
  • Dropbox Tool
  • Add/change user roles
  • Tracking users
  • Chat Tool
  • Assignments Tool
  • Survey Tool
  • Videoconferencing
  • Learning Paths
  • Oogie: Ppt Conversion