Assistive Technology Resources

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Presentation on Assisitive Technology with links (coming soon)

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National Center on Accessible Instructional Materials (NIMAS)
NIMAS is a technical standard used by publishers to produce a source format in XML that can
then be transferred into various formats such as braille, audio, or other digital text that can then be
used on various assistive devices.
Supporting special education with the ipad
Chilton's Special Education ipad links
Free Assistive Tech Tools that make Learning accessible by all
This is a great post that has resources on free assistive technology tools.
Accessiblity in Windows 7
Outlines the accessiblity features available in Windows 7

How Speak Recognition Works
Great Infographic
Universal Design for Learning (CAST)
Organization that promotes Universal Design for Learning

Sources for digital text:

IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) states that publishers of textbooks need to provide digital formats on books published after 2006. Contact your book publishers to find out they offer and how you can receive it.

Resource Link

Qualifying students can use digital text, downloadable as an audio, braille, or digital text to be used on various devices
Schools can apply for membership and sign up teachers or other staff to be 'sponsors' that can download files for students to use, or
students/parents can apply for membership.
Learning Ally
(Formally Recording for the blind and dyslexic) This site provides audiobooks to download. Schools need to apply and pay.
See above- Bookshare and Learning Ally are websites that provide NIMAS materials for those who qualify.